A plan to preserve the youthfulness of the skin: 5 main rules

1. Review your diet
In order for the skin to be beautiful and healthy, you should subject your diet to a thorough inspection. This is much more important than turning over the makeup bag. After all, everything you eat, as in a mirror, is reflected on health — and on the health of the skin, including. So, your menu should regularly include: fresh vegetables and fruits, fermented dairy products, unpeeled cereals (wheat, oatmeal, barley porridge, brown rice, quinoa), poultry meat, dried fruits. And some products are considered especially useful for the skin: salmon, walnuts and healthy vegetable oils (olive, linseed, sesame, grape seed oil) are sources of fatty acids that are necessary for healthy skin and a radiant complexion. But the most important thing is not to forget about water.

Why do this?
A normal water balance is one of the main conditions necessary for the health and youth of the skin. Water not only saturates the skin cells with life-giving moisture, but also accelerates the removal of toxins from the body. Ideally, the water content in the skin should be about 70%. This indicator, of course, strongly depends on genetics, lifestyle, and age. And the lack of moisture always has a deplorable effect on the skin: it becomes dry and flabby, its color worsens, irritation and peeling may appear on it. Chronic dehydration in general can cause early aging! Recommendations regarding daily water intake are very different. Nevertheless, one thing is clear — you need to drink a lot and often (and coffee lovers and lovers of tea ceremonies — twice as much). Try to start with 5-6 glasses of pure still water a day. Just remember — you need to drink water in small sips.

2. Join hands
Sometimes it is enough to look at the hands to guess the age of their owner. To prolong your youth, start taking care of your hands as early as possible (and, by the way, teach your daughter to do this). 1-2 times a week, use a soft hand scrub: it will align the epidermis and create ideal conditions for the cream to «work» (remember that in the presence of inflammation and microcracks on the skin, the scrub is contraindicated). By the way, cosmetologists advise using ointment with bepanthen or banal «Baby cream» as a «base» before applying a mask or ordinary hand cream — inexpensive, but very effective in this case, anti-age products.

Also, take note that hand cream with glycerin: moisturizes and softens the skin

collagen: increases skin elasticity

lanolin: nourishes and improves blood circulation

aloe, nettle, yarrow, plantain: stimulate cell regeneration and promote the healing of microcracks.

Why do this?
Hands work all day, even if you «just» sit at the computer all day. Delicate skin is harmed by temperature changes (especially in the off—season), and frequent washing with soap, and abrasions with scratches – it’s impossible to list everything. The skin of the hands dries, irritates, cracks — and, alas, ages quickly. We need to protect her! And for the same reason, in summer it is advisable to use not ordinary hand creams, but special ones with UV filters (in the mass-market category there is such a product, for example, at NIVEA) or even sunscreens. In summer, it is necessary to do this not only on the beach, but also in everyday life, because the skin of the hands is tanned (which means that it quickly loses its «marketable appearance») in the most ordinary conditions. For example, when you are working in the garden, riding a bike without protective gloves, or just walking.

A plan to preserve the youthfulness of the skin: 5 main rules

3. Take care of the legs
You need to lubricate your heels with cream every day. No matter how specifically your foot cream smells, no matter how lazy you are to do it, etc., etc. Yes, this is exactly the case when it will be too late after forty: the skin of the soles will roughen and stiffen so much that it will look like sandpaper, and it will be impossible to get rid of old corns and calluses at all. The minimum arsenal of home foot care products consists of a cream, moisturizing milk and a protective balm containing glycerin, plant extracts and light exfoliants (for example, urea).

Why do this?
The skin of the feet itself is not just dense enough, but thick, and moreover dry. Good hydration will allow you to put the aging process on pause. You say it doesn’t matter? Then just imagine the moment when you will be embarrassed to put on your favorite sandals. Taking care of the skin on the legs, do not forget about the area «from the ankles to the knees»: in the morning and in the evening, she is shown a moisturizing lotion and a light massage.

A plan to preserve the youthfulness of the skin: 5 main rules

4. Take care of the face
First of all, no matter how banal it may sound, but still – rest more. Numerous studies prove the obvious effect of a good night’s sleep for healthy skin. No cream can compare in its «restoring» function with rest in bed. Of course, you need to fall asleep as early as possible (at least until 23 o’clock).

The second truism: with age, the skin in general and the face in particular becomes less protected. You need to take care of it, including based on the weather outside the window. In summer, of course, additional sun protection is needed (especially if you work outdoors!): cosmetics with a protection factor of 30 are optimal, but SPF15 is still better than nothing. And finally, the idea that it is better to leave the skin to «breathe» at night (read — do not apply not just anything superfluous, but nothing at all) is absolutely untenable. Of course, before applying night care, the skin needs to be cleaned — it is from this procedure that the effectiveness of the subsequent one depends.

Why do this?
Day and night the activity of the skin is different. At night, when the body is resting and recuperating, the cells are ready for active action. At this time, they need to be supported with a cosmetic preparation, i.e. a special night cream. Its main difference from day care is not only in its structure (it is denser and greasier), but also in the fact that it contains almost no protective components, but it is gloriously enriched with active components that can penetrate deep into the cellular layers and activate cell regeneration (retinol, collagen, ceramides, phospholipids). The active components of the night cream are designed to restore the vitality of the skin, and in the morning it should look young and fresh. Choose an anti-aging care that contains enough nutrients. And do not forget that contrasting washes in the morning (alternating cool and warm water, but by no means cold and hot!) are an excellent tool for the prevention of vascular asterisks and maintaining skin tone.

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