A mother with many children weighing 170 kg lost weight after the request of a dying mother

«Work on progress, not on excuses,» is now the motto of a mother with many children from Australia, who was able to lose half her weight.

Brooke Malich once weighed 171 kg. You can, of course, say in her defense that she carried six children. However, Brooke has suffered from obesity since childhood. She was only 14 years old when the arrow on the scales exceeded 90 kg.

Even as a child, Brooke’s nutrition got out of control. Every day she drank 6-9 glasses of sweet soda, and in the evenings she ate sweets and fast food.

Brooke didn’t even think about sports—she was too lazy to move once again. As a result, having grown up, the woman weighed 171 kg.

And then Brooke found out that her mom had cancer. The diagnosis was made too late — it was the last stage. One day Brooke’s mom said to her daughter: «With your current weight, you will die. You need to do something about it, because you have children!»

And Brooke promised her dying mother that she would definitely lose weight. Moreover, it was important for her to do this while her mother was still alive — so that she could safely leave this world.

«This was my main motivation — not to give up, to lose weight for my mom. Because she really wanted it,» Brooke told the Daily Mail.

However, after trying many diets, Brooke could not move the arrow on the scales. Then she turned to a doctor for help, and she was advised to have a stomach resection.

«I was on the verge of death, and I needed a major change,» Brooke explains. «However, gastric resection is not as easy as many people think.»

After the operation, I had to change my lifestyle. Now a mother with many children adheres to a healthy balanced diet, and instead of soda drinks 2-3 liters of water a day.

Besides, sports came into Brooke’s life. The woman tries to walk as much as possible, counting the steps, and also pays special attention to strength training.

Brooke’s mom died in February 2020, but she managed to see the incredible transformation of her daughter, who by that time had lost 70 kg.

But Brooke doesn’t stop there. The woman continues to lose weight, and in the future plans to have surgery to get rid of flabby skin.

«You won’t know if you don’t try,» says Brooke. — Just don’t give up! You won’t see the results right away, and the scales may not budge, but the centimeters will disappear.

Believe me, if I could, then anyone can. You just need to change your mindset and realize that you are doing this for yourself. I’m sure Mom would be very proud of me.»

Brooke’s Nutrition before weight loss:
Breakfast: Nothing;

Brunch: nothing;

lunch: 2-3 glasses of soda;

afternoon snack: 2-3 glasses of soda;

dinner: 1 double cheeseburger, 24 nuggets, 2-3 glasses of soda, bread and butter;

dessert: ice cream, energy drink.

How Brooke eats now:
Breakfast: 1 egg on toast or protein shake;

brunch: protein bar;

lunch: 3-4 loaves with chicken, tomatoes and cheese, seasoned with salt and pepper;

afternoon snack: protein shake or a bar with boiled eggs;

dinner: chicken with vegetables or grilled fish with vegetables;

dessert: a small bag of caramel popcorn or a small chocolate bar;

drinks: 2-3 liters of water per day.

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