A model with a «snake skin»

Two years ago, Jayza fulfilled her long-held dream and became a model on the pages of Vogue Italia.

Jayza Gary was born with ichthyosis, a rare hereditary disease that causes her skin to literally peel off in rags every couple of weeks.

This is a rare disease, it affects one in 100,000 people and is inherited due to a chromosomal abnormality.

A model with a "snake skin"

It took Jaza a long time to realize that there was something wrong with her appearance, that there was something unusual about her. It first occurred to her when she noticed that her parents were very protective of her.

When they went outside, everyone was staring, and this worried Jayza’s mother very much.

A model with a "snake skin"

In high school, classmates told Jayza that she should try herself in the modeling business. She took professional pictures and sent them to several agencies.

When Jayza received a reply with an invitation to New York, she could not come – a hurricane was raging in North Carolina, where Jayza lived. Jayza was worried that this might be the chance she was missing, but then she decided that if God wanted her to take this chance, the agency would write to her again. And so it turned out.

A model with a "snake skin"

Jayza went to New York. The Vogue agency arranged another photo shoot for her.

A model with a "snake skin"

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