A man caught a huge «goldfish»

A fisherman from the UK, Worcestershire, named Andy Hecket caught a giant «goldfish» in the Champagne region, in France.

This fish, weighing 30 kilograms, was considered elusive, but a British fisherman was still able to catch it. This is a half–breed of leather carp and koi carp. It took the Briton 25 minutes to catch the legend. Local fishermen call the fish «Carrot» because of its bright orange color.

A man caught a huge "goldfish"

After the fisherman caught the fish, the Briton took a picture with her. But the man decided not to kill the legendary fish caught and released the carp back into the pond. Andy Hecket urged other fishermen to try their hand at catching the famous «Carrot» fish.

A man caught a huge "goldfish"

Interesting points concerning fishing

Fishermen from Chile caught a huge inhabitant of the seabed (Regalecus glesne), more than 5 meters long. Usually the length of such fish, the family strap is 1-2 meters. «Monster fish» is what the locals call this fish, it occasionally floats to the surface, it is considered a harbinger of disasters.

A man caught a huge "goldfish"

On the Tasmanian coast, a rare «walking» fish was found, which is found exclusively in Australia. Such a find was made for the first time in the last 22 years. A similar pink fish was previously found by divers, close to Tasmania in 1999. In the entire history of mankind, observations of these marine inhabitants have recorded only four cases.

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