A hot shower and 5 more harmless habits that steal our youth

Eat sweets and sweet soda
Everyone knows that a lot of sugar is harmful. But it turns out that the abuse of sweets leads to early aging. No wonder some nutritionists call sugar the main enemy of the skin. According to some, the skin ages rapidly because glucose obtained from sugar is processed into fat. Others say that excess sugar negatively affects the production of collagen.

And recently, scientists from the University of California proved that people live less because of sugary carbonated drinks. More than 5,000 Americans aged 20 to 65 participated in the study.

It turned out that if you drink half a liter of soda every day, life on average is reduced by 4.6 years.

The most unpleasant thing is that sweet soda accelerates tissue aging at the cellular level. So it’s best to drink regular mineral water or just water.

Wash with hot water
Washing with hot water dries the skin and leads to dehydration. On dry skin, all wrinkles are immediately visible. Of course, I want to relax under the jets of hot water, especially in winter. But such water relaxes not only you, but also your facial muscles, and this, in turn, reduces the elasticity of the skin. The skin becomes less elastic and prematurely ages.

Cosmetologists agree: it is better to wash with slightly warm or cool water. This water cleanses the skin well and does not damage the lipid layer. And besides, it helps to remove puffiness and give your face a fresh look.

Fall asleep after midnight
Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of early skin aging. The less we sleep, the more wrinkles appear on the face, and the darker the circles under the eyes become. But there is another factor that accelerates skin aging — the habit of going to bed late.


A hot shower and 5 more harmless habits that steal our youth

The fact is that the maximum activity of tissue regeneration occurs at the time from 23 pm to 4 am. During this period, the sleep hormone melatonin, which is responsible for all recovery processes, reaches the highest concentration. It is a full night’s rest that gives the face a radiant, healthy appearance. Therefore, if you want to look young, go to bed before 23 o’clock in the evening.

Sleep with your face in the pillow
Have you ever thought that a crumpled look in the morning can be quite a literal expression? When you lie on your face for at least 8 hours a day, creases appear on the skin, which over time become more difficult to «straighten out» after sleep. Cosmetologists call this phenomenon «sleep wrinkles». Incorrect posture during sleep prevents the skin from breathing and starting regeneration processes.

So what should we do? Sleep on your back. In this position, the skin receives enough oxygen, while not stretching. If you want to keep your youth longer, you can’t sleep on your side either. When you sleep on your side, one side of the face is deformed, which in turn leads to the appearance of sagging cheeks and nasolabial folds. By the way, sleeping on your back is also healthier. This reduces the load on the spine and internal organs.

Watch TV
Do you think that if you don’t have stress, lack of sleep and bad habits, you will always look young? It turns out that you can grow old ahead of time not only because of this. Australian scientists have proven that one hour spent watching TV can shorten life expectancy by 22 minutes. And all because watching TV provokes the consumption of junk food and increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Similarly, our body is affected by working with a computer or watching something on a smartphone screen. And if you also sit in a «crooked» pose, then spoil your figure: due to uneven muscle tension, your posture bends, which also makes you look older than your years.

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