A child was bitten by a mosquito: when is this a reason to run to the doctor

A rare person has never experienced a reaction to mosquito bites in his life. But an adult most often scratches the bite site and forgets, and a baby can inflate it by half a hand. Of course, parents start to panic, although, according to doctors, this is a normal local reaction for children. But then how to distinguish it from a real allergy and what to do if a mosquito bites a child?

«When a mosquito bites, a small amount of its saliva enters the human body. Proteins contained in saliva are allergenic, a person reacts to them. But a real allergy, that is, the development of severe systemic reactions, such as anaphylactic shock, urticaria, widespread edema, is extremely rare.»

The doctor explains that everything that usually bothers, itches, and looks terrible is a local normal reaction — redness, 20 minutes after the bite a slight swelling, then a hard papule — as if a small nodule under the skin. And within 7-10 days, the bite mark should pass.

As a rule, after the first mosquito bites in life, the immune system begins to recognize toxic substances in the insect’s saliva. Vivid reactions to bites occur most often in childhood, but after 3-5 years, as a rule, they disappear. If the same thing repeats from year to year, then it makes sense to take tests in the cold season and assess sensitization to mosquito poisons.

Of course, if a mosquito bites a baby near the eye, it will look terrible: a huge swollen eye that the child cannot open. The consequences of a bite near the mouth look no less frightening — as if half of the face has swollen. But, fortunately, the swelling does not extend to the area of the respiratory tract.

«In young children, local pronounced reactions are most often found — the so—called Skeeter syndrome,» says the doctor. — The bite site turns red, becomes hot, and the seal can reach 10 centimeters in diameter. Moreover, such a condition can progress for 8-10 hours, and then persist for several days.»

A child was bitten by a mosquito: when is this a reason to run to the doctor

What to do if a child is bitten by a mosquito
The first thing to do is to give an antihistamine (and not once, but for several days).

«By the way, if you know that a child reacts vividly to bites, then you can give anti-allergic drugs proactively, in advance,» the expert advises.

If there are no medicines at hand, it is not necessary to resort to folk remedies — solutions of soda, vinegar. Doctors are skeptical about unsubstantiated methods. What you can do is apply cold to the bite site: a piece of ice or a wet cloth will relieve itching and stop the spread of edema.

Severe manifestations of allergies at home are not treated. Appointments should be made by a doctor.

It is necessary to contact an allergist if the reactions differ significantly from normal ones: the baby begins to suffocate, the temperature rises, and a rash appears in places not associated with bites.

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