A 2-year-old boy from India has become the youngest genius in the world

It’s still wonderful to be a little genius, to receive gifts and recognition from everyone around. What can we say about the happy father and mother of such a child.

Two-year-old resident of India Aaryavaan Joshi managed to get into two record books at once, because he incredibly quickly grasps all the knowledge, what is called «on the fly», and also has a lot of talents.

Of course, this puts the baby’s parents in a stupor, because they do not know which of the talents to develop in the first place, however, Aaryavaan does not need it. He is used to doing and studying what he is interested in.

What can a little Indian do?

• fluently count up to two hundred by direct and reverse counting;
• easily names more than thirty trees;
• knows all parts of the human body;
• easily identifies species of animals and birds;
• loves logic games and willingly does mathematics and astronomy.

In general, this is not all that a wonderful child can and knows. And his versatile thinking amazes adults who can’t understand how he does it. And many more are trying to guess what awaits this child in the future. What do you think?

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