6 reasons to choose organic cosmetics

There are many arguments in favor of cosmetic products with the prefix «eco». We will name only the most obvious of them.

1. The absence of GMOs, that is, genetically modified organisms. The safety of artificially induced mutations in human products is still in question. First of all, the products of genetic engineering are suspected of carcinogenic effects on the human body.

2. Natural origin, cultivation, processing and preparation of all raw materials. Organic cosmetics are not just natural ingredients. All raw materials for the production of eco-cosmetics must also be natural. Choosing such cosmetics, you can be sure that the ingredients included in it were grown in environmentally friendly conditions, without the use of chemical fertilizers, were not treated with formaldehydes and were not subjected to any other processing methods that could affect their effectiveness and safety for the end user.

3. Hypoallergenic. Most modern and publicly available cosmetic preparations contain substances that are potentially allergens, especially for the delicate skin of a child. They cannot be included in the composition of organic cosmetics under any circumstances. Therefore, it is considered more gentle, less likely to cause allergic reactions. Although, of course, this does not completely exclude allergic manifestations if you are allergic to some natural ingredients in organic cosmetics.

4. The power of nature. Organic cosmetics have completely different principles of action than synthetic cosmetics. It works by combining the forces of nature and modern technologies that allow these forces to unfold to the fullest. Natural, natural ingredients do not contradict the natural processes occurring in our body, but gently regulate them. The effect of using organic cosmetics is therefore not achieved as quickly as when using standard products, but it is more reliable and, most importantly, without side effects in the form of carcinogens entering the body. Organic cosmetics are absolutely non-toxic and even contribute to the elimination of toxins from the skin and the body.

5. Strict certification. All eco-products must have quality certificates from one of the world’s organic cosmetics certification systems. The most famous are ICEA AIAB (Italy), BDIH (Germany), BIO ECOCERT (France). The latter is considered one of the strictest in the world. This certificate guarantees that at least 95% of all ingredients in the preparation are of organic origin, as well as that none of the prohibited or potentially dangerous substances are used in it.

6. Does not harm the environment. Fans of eco-cosmetics choose not only safe skin care, but also, in fact, encourage the development of environmentally friendly production. After all, as already mentioned, all the ingredients for such cosmetics should be grown in clean areas, without the use of chemicals that are harmful to the ecosystem of fields and neighboring forests. For packaging their products, organic cosmetics manufacturers try to use recycled paper and plastic, which can then be easily disposed of with care for the environment.

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