6 injuries that children inflict on parents

1. The baby, just taking his first steps, fell and pulled his mother, who is holding his hand. Mom fell, hit her back, and then felt a lot of pain.

When falling on his back, a person rarely gets seriously injured. The height is small, besides, mom is probably dressed, and clothes soften the blow. Usually the case is limited to a bruise. It is unpleasant, the place of the injury hurts, but the injury is not dangerous. A bruise may appear at the site of the injury, swelling persists for 2-3 days, pain may be felt for a week.

But with an unsuccessful fall, bone fragility, concomitant diseases of the spine, vertebral fractures are possible. Symptoms:

tension of the back muscles;

severe pain, the intensity of which increases with the slightest movement;

difficulty breathing at the time of injury.

Consult a doctor if: the pain increases with movement, regardless of whether you are in motion or at rest, the intensity of pain increases over time, deformity of the vertebrae is visible, an open wound on the back, neurological symptoms have manifested (muscle weakness, insensitivity of certain areas of the skin, unusual sensations in the form of tingling, tickling, etc.).

The doctor will send you for an X-ray. If violations are detected, a CT scan may be required to clarify the damage.

2. Due to the fact that the mother carries the baby in her arms for a long time, back pain appears

The weight of a newborn is about 3 kg, at 1 year the baby already weighs 10 kg. For a physically unprepared woman, this is a serious test. When the strength and endurance of the muscles are not enough, the spine takes over the load. Hence the back pain. To avoid them, you need to train your muscles, but it will take some time. In the meantime, the court and the case, learn:

it is correct to lift the baby: arms and legs are half bent, stand directly in front of the child and lift him, first of all straining the muscles of the legs and abdominal press, and not the back;

the right way to carry a baby: keep it as close to you as possible. The further you remove the baby, the greater the load.

In addition, an orthopedic corset will help to support the spine.

A massage course and fitness classes will help strengthen the back muscles. If the pain is severe or does not go away for a long time, show yourself to an orthopedist. It is possible that a protrusion or herniated disc has formed.

6 injuries that children inflict on parents

3. The child, being in the arms of his mother, hit her in the bridge of the nose with his head

If a child hits his mother with his head and blood flows from his nose, you can usually do without the help of a doctor. It is necessary to pinch the nostrils, as if going to dive, and let them go after 10 minutes. Do not: push cotton wool into your nose (it will definitely dry up) and throw your head back (blood will still flow, but not on the carpet, but into the stomach), and also unclench your nostrils every minute, checking whether the bleeding has stopped.

To understand if there is a fracture of the bones of the nose, pay attention to the following symptoms:

the pain did not go away half an hour or an hour after the injury;

increasing edema;

sharp pain when trying to touch the nose

difficult nasal breathing (each nostril should be checked).

If you suspect a fracture, you should go to the emergency room and, even if there is no deformation of the nose, take an X-ray.

Improper bone fusion can lead to breathing difficulties and recurrent inflammatory processes. Long-standing fractures are treated only surgically. So do not postpone the visit to the emergency room.

4. The child poked his finger right in the eye

Most often, ophthalmologists have to deal with just such an injury. At the same time, the nail usually scratches the cornea, i.e. its erosion occurs. The cornea of the eye is the most sensitive organ of our body, and any damage to it causes very severe pain, tears, redness, swelling. A person cannot open his eyes. You can immediately drip any antiseptic eye drops. Then it is better to contact an ophthalmologist, so that he finds out how serious the damage is, how deep and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. Most often, the erosion of the cornea disappears without a trace and quickly enough: a very acute pain lasts about 2 days, then gradually subsides, and the cornea heals without problems.

5. An adult was hit in the eye with a blunt object (fist, heel, toy)

Most likely, he managed to instinctively close his eyes. Nevertheless, at the moment of impact, the parent feels pain, sees a flash in front of the eye, but it passes quickly enough and often without a trace. However, just in case, it is necessary to check whether the eye is not damaged. To do this, you need to close the eye that has not been hit and carefully look at whether the field of vision of the eye that has been hit has narrowed: whether there are floating opacities, darkening, clouding, etc.

If there are such symptoms, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Such an injury is called contusion of the eyeball and has different degrees of severity. With a mild degree, there will be absolutely no consequences, but with a severe degree, serious problems arise — for example, rupture of the membranes of the eye or retinal detachment. You can’t handle it at home.

6 injuries that children inflict on parents

In case of injury, the doctor will definitely examine the fundus to find out if there are any fatal consequences inside the eyeball, if the vessels have burst, if the retina has detached, etc. Then the doctor will prescribe treatment.

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