5 signs that you are taking care of your skin incorrectly

Do you use an expensive face cream, make masks almost every day, and you don’t see the result? Together with a specialist, we understand by what signs it is possible to understand that you are taking care of your skin incorrectly.

Each person’s body is unique. Our body signals failures in the work of each of its specific systems through various signs and symptoms. The same is true in the matter of facial care — we can immediately understand what skin problems have arisen due to incorrectly selected care. What exactly each manifestation says, let’s talk in more detail.

The skin is dry or too oily
Skin care for each person is strictly individual. There is no universal remedy that would preserve the balance of the skin for everyone without exception, so choosing «your» care can take a considerable amount of time.

The sure signs that the product does not suit your skin are dryness and peeling, as well as exactly the opposite reaction: when the skin is too oily and has a greasy shine. It is worth changing the creams used, ideally — to choose care products with a specialist.

Pimples and irritations
Another sign of improper skin care is the appearance of rashes and irritation on the skin. But there is a nuance: rashes can also appear due to improper nutrition. If a person does not follow the rules of a healthy diet, sweets predominate in the diet, the skin will never be healthy and beautiful, even with the best care products.

The reason for the appearance of rashes may be an incorrect stage of skin cleansing or its absence at all, or an incorrectly selected cream that promotes expansion, clogging of pores, acne formation.

The appearance of greasy shine
Greasy shine is not always indicative of proper skin hydration. It would seem that once the skin is oily, it means it is sufficiently moisturized. However, this is not the case. Behind the external shine, the skin may need additional nutrition. Androgens are hormones that are responsible for the oiliness of the skin. They stimulate the natural fat content of the skin, which is useful for it. The exception is the excessive secretion of sebum (sebaceous glands). There are several reasons that can provoke it: the use of a large number of skin care products, improper use of these products, as well as improper nutrition, stress, medications taken.





5 signs that you are taking care of your skin incorrectly
The skin «burns»                                                                                                                     In the summer, this issue is particularly relevant. The sun spoils the inhabitants of the middle lane not so often, so girls often forget about sunscreens. This affects the skin in the form of redness, pain, pigmentation, the appearance of moles and freckles. In the long run, this all translates into accelerated aging. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sunscreen with a high SPF, even if it is cloudy outside.

The appearance of premature wrinkles
Skin aging occurs individually for each person. Some wrinkles can be noticed already at 30 years old, and someone has elastic skin at 50. The hereditary factor plays a big role, but timely and full-fledged care of age-related skin is also extremely important. It is necessary to take care of the skin from the age of 23-25. Most skin care companies have lines for all ages that can and should be chosen for use. According to the age, the components that are most needed during this period are selected. Thus, the skin is provided with care and care, which significantly prolongs its elasticity and health.

What is home care really needed for?
Many girls rush from one extreme to the other. Some believe that home care is not needed at all (at least not every day). Others are sure that expensive creams can get rid of any problems and rejuvenate twice — no cosmetologist will be needed. Both categories are wrong.

Home care is mainly aimed at the cleansing-moisturizing-nutrition complex. This is enough for basic skin care for the average person without obvious skin problems. With the help of properly selected products (taking into account the type and condition of the skin, your age, season and other factors), you can keep your face in good condition.

But more serious problems, such as wrinkles, swelling, age spots, subcutaneous fat, acne are treated under the supervision of a cosmetologist with the help of professional / therapeutic cosmetics and equipment. The same can be said about the correction of the oval of the face, nasolabial folds, nasolabial furrows.

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