5 professions that will help you make money on social networks

After the birth of the first child, mothers often put an end to their career. While a woman is on maternity leave, her professional skills are declining, and the world is not standing still. I want to hug my baby, take care of my family, husband and home, and not walk to the office early in the morning. And then the mother faces a serious choice: to give herself to the child or to engage in self-realization. But sometimes you can combine them.

The decree, among other things, is also a great time to slow down and understand «what do I really want?». At this time, many talents wake up, moms create their own business and find work online. The main advantage of such employment is obvious: a free schedule. You can work from the sandbox, or you can work from the bed — while the baby is sleeping.

To go online, first analyze your past experience, what turned out well, what were you good at? And think about what skills can be transferred to the online sphere in Instagram.

Are you a great writer? Telling cool stories? You are a copywriter.


writing texts and editing them

drawing up a content plan


literacy and knowledge of the language

understanding the structure of different types of texts

rich vocabulary

the ability to quickly navigate an unfamiliar topic

ability to meet deadlines.

5 professions that will help you make money on social networks

If you easily assemble a beautiful visual image, then you are here. You can take a basic course in visual or design and immediately start taking the first light orders. Over time, when you see enough, get experience and feel confident, you can increase the complexity and level of your work, and with them the price tag.


visual development. The choice is wide: from planning an Instagram feed, creating presentations and checklists, to designing websites



possession of programs for graphic design and visual creation


the ability to think in images and the ability to realize this image.


SMM Specialist
A profession that combines several spheres at once. And you definitely need to learn to work.


Defining the goals and objectives of the client

Development of a product or service promotion strategy. Defining deadlines and budgets for promotion

Competitor and target audience analysis

Drawing up a portrait of the client

Profile Packaging

Development of a strategy, content plan and a plan for stories

Content creation and placement


basic skills in working with social networks

competent speech and the ability to write interestingly

knowledge of the basics of marketing

ability to communicate with the client

ability to plan and think strategically.

5 professions that will help you make money on social networks

Instagram Direct Administrator
The working time depends on the schedule that you agree with the blogger: from 6 hours a day. But at the same time, you can respond in yandex.direct anywhere. Even if you are walking with your baby, you have time to work and respond to messages.


Prompt response to messages

Responses to comments

Assistance to subscriber clients in case of problems (when paying/emails do not arrive)


communication skills

competent written speech

the ability to quickly and easily resolve conflict situations.


The specialist who creates the structure for blogs is responsible for shooting, design, music, surveys. The main task is to create such a video to increase sales or customer oating.


keeping a blogger’s stories on Instagram

story design

creating a day plan


possession of programs for the design of stories

knowledge of the basics of marketing

creative thinking

installation of videos.

In each of the online professions, you can control your workload yourself, depending on the volume and complexity of the tasks. On average, this is 4-6 hours a day.

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