5 habits that help you get rich — and 2 that get in the way

As practice shows, the level of income is not always associated with the availability of higher education and hard work. Some, no matter how hard they try, earn a minimum, while others, it would seem, own millions without any effort. Experts are sure that it’s all about money energy. Does it really exist, and if so, how do I launch it?

As such, money itself is just coins or paper. Their true essence is information, the ability to exchange energy with each other. They are the main equivalent of the time of our life.

What does it depend on? From the things you do for others and the world. The more of them, the more expensive time becomes. Filling your life with bright events, meetings with friends, creativity, meditations, books, things that bring pleasure, you increase the cost of your hour at the energy level. And in the future, this will manifest itself in the physical world. They will be ready to pay you a big salary, they will write out a bonus, new business partners will appear.

Important! Always keep in mind that buying something is an exchange for a lifetime. It is important to understand what is more profitable now.  And you have a choice — to pay money or to spend a few hours with your family, to study, to improve your qualifications, to engage in self-development.

Why are some unlucky, while others get rich easily?
Getting rich is hindered by several installations.

1. Way of thinking
Blocks in the energy field are the main cause of poverty. Thoughts are also energy, and quite powerful, but we have some experience of previous generations, which says that money is not safe, it’s scary. Many of us, our parents, grandparents and grandparents lived in the Soviet years, when the availability of money was condemned, can be exiled, punished, condemned, insulted, etc. We may think, «I want a lot of money,» but an energy block in the subconscious stops this process. These blocks need to be removed, then new thoughts will come, followed by ideas and actions that will lead to new financial results.

5 habits that help you get rich — and 2 that get in the way

2. Attitude to money
Most often, those who are easy about money get rich easily. Constantly focusing on money, trying to save every ruble, we broadcast a disadvantage, and in the end we get it. The universe works like a genie — to each of our phrases and actions, it responds: «I obey and obey,» realizing any thought. If we are happy to spend and give money without driving ourselves into debt and loans, energy begins to circulate. This vibration translates that there is enough money, they are abundant, and the universe begins to increase them.

Habits that will help attract money
Watch your thoughts
Learn to track, capture and analyze thoughts related to finances. This may concern the cost of things, your attitude to buying, the desire to get something beautiful, thoughts about debts, wages, other people’s income. Take notes throughout the day and then sort them out. It is important to realize that «it’s expensive», «it won’t work», «it’s not rational», «why pay so much» — these are limiting thoughts. This also includes «if I had money, I definitely wouldn’t buy it» or «I wouldn’t buy a house, but rent». Learn to think in a positive way — «I will succeed», «I will buy».

Develop abundant thinking
Abundant thinking is not to accumulate, but to earn in order to spend. Get used to treating money as a tool for getting pleasure. Saving for a rainy day, you deprive yourself of life here and now. In addition, if you save for a rainy day, it will definitely come. This does not mean that you should not have stocks, but they should be formed easily, because you earn more than you spend. It is important to use money, it must necessarily flow. Pay attention — is there such a thing that the money is lying motionless. In this case, they, like water in a lake, begin to fade.

Treat spending as an investment
To understand how the system works, let’s compare it with the potato sludge. In order for it to grow, it needs to be planted. At the same time, we do not bury it in the ground, but invest it. We plant one — a lot grows. Also with money. Every action we take is an investment. We don’t say goodbye to money when we buy something or give it away, we invest, let the money grow.

Do charity work
Try to do this monthly. Choose one day — for example, when you receive income, and if it is stable, give some amount to charity each time. You can help parents or elderly relatives. If there is no way to help financially, take the time to do it — as we remember, money is the equivalent of the time of our lives. Help selflessly, without expecting anything in return. You can also create a savings account to which interest will be credited. Transfer at least 300 a month there, so you will already start the mechanism that money works and brings income.

Work with Kundalini energy
In yoga, it means the energy of life and divine love. By awakening it and working with it, we get rid of all the energy blocks in the subconscious — from feelings of fear, shame, guilt and others standing in the way of prosperity. Such practices as creativity, active walking, and meditation are suitable for this.

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