5 beauty treatments that can and should be done by expectant mothers

Some cosmetic procedures during the waiting period of the baby are considered dangerous. Others don’t seem to be particularly harmful, but it’s better not to take risks. How can the expectant mother take care of herself, and is it possible to do something besides homemade masks from natural products? Our expert named the top 5 beauty treatments that will not harm pregnant women.

Facial massage
Pregnant women often face swelling, but many cosmetic procedures during this period of life are contraindicated. The only thing that remains is a facial massage. You can use fashionable roller skaters, massagers and gouache scrapers to take care of your skin at home. Video instructions on Youtube will help you master simple techniques for getting rid of edema and the first signs of aging.

Or you can schedule a massage course with a cosmetologist. It is better to abandon aggressive techniques in favor of lighter ones — lymphatic drainage or myofascial. They are safe for pregnant and lactating women. Lymphatic drainage massage is suitable for those who have problems with swelling and pronounced bags under the eyes, since before this technique accelerates lymph exchange in the body. Myofascial massage will be useful for skin that has lost elasticity, with a reduced tone of facial muscles.

Hydro pilling for face + masks
Hydro pilling is a new and effective procedure for improving the quality of the skin. With the help of hydro pilling, you can prevent or smooth out existing wrinkles, reduce the manifestations of acne and post-acne, pigmentation. A special device with nozzles allows you to simultaneously perform mechanical peeling and apply cosmetics. Double exposure increases the effectiveness of the procedure, makes it possible to remove dead skin cells and nourish new ones with useful substances. The procedure does not take much time, it usually lasts about 20-30 minutes, but the effect persists for a long time. Exposure can

After cleansing, the right mask is selected, which helps the skin look even better.

Sugar hair removal
Getting rid of hair or not is everyone’s choice, but often girls who are used to smoothness do not give up on it even during pregnancy. Laser, wax and other techniques will have to be abandoned, and shaving becomes physically uncomfortable — some places are simply out of reach.

During pregnancy, only sugaring is considered a safe type of epilation. It is optimal for excessive hair growth on the legs, arms and face, reliably eliminates hair for two to three weeks. Sugar hair removal is harmless and hypoallergenic, so you can safely sign up for this procedure, even if you are in a special position.

Pressotherapy is a hardware massage that affects the body with the help of a stream of compressed air. This procedure is effective for cellulite, for weight loss, for loss of skin tone. It is often prescribed after injuries, stroke, surgical interventions, problems with joints and blood vessels. For expectant mothers, pressotherapy of the legs and arms is perfect to prevent possible problems with blood vessels, relieve muscle hypertonicity, clamps, swelling and fatigue. During pregnancy, you can perform this procedure only at low power, so that the impact on the body is minimal.

LPG therapy
Facial and body care during pregnancy can also provide LPG therapy – vacuum roller massage. It perfectly fights cellulite, fat deposits, back pain, the initial stages of varicose veins and postpartum consequences. You can also make scars and stretch marks less noticeable. Massage accelerates lymph flow, stimulates blood circulation and prevents stagnant processes, eliminates edema. The procedure is effective for both the body and the face — it restores skin tone, fresh appearance, effectively copes with the first signs of aging.

During pregnancy, you should be especially attentive to your health. All of these procedures can be carried out only after consultation with your doctor. If the body reacts in an unexpected way, you experience discomfort and unpleasant sensations, immediately ask a specialist to stop the procedure.

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