5 Bad Food patterns that we instill in children

Delicious! Is it useful?
We live in an age of abundance of food. Never before has food been so accessible and… so artificial. From TV screens, smiling people talk about a «healthy breakfast» for children in the form of bars or cereal. That pasteurized juices contain a lot of vitamins, and yogurts strengthen the bones and teeth of a growing organism. But not a word is said about sugar, artificial additives and flavor enhancers added to all these products that are harmful to health and form food addiction. And even the inscriptions on the products: «for children» do not guarantee at all that this food is useful, while lulling the vigilance of parents.

You are what you eat!
The lifestyle of modern children is different from what it was 10 years ago. The story that «we somehow grew up» may not work. We did not grow up from birth in a wi-fi and cell phone zone, ice cream did not have a shelf life of 3 years before, fast food was not so affordable and there were much fewer problems in the nutrition of children and adolescents. Moms and dads need to remember: the basis of eating behavior is laid in the family. And a well-feeling baby is less capricious, active and inquisitive. And with the help of properly organized nutrition, this condition can be controlled. The more healthy foods are easy to digest in the diet, and the more the child moves, the healthier he will be. Parents can help their child avoid the formation of bad habits and food addiction.

5 Bad Food patterns that we instill in children

What to say «no» to on the way to a healthy baby diet
«No» to industrial baking!
In addition to refined flour, sugar and chemical additives, it contains trans fats, which depress the immune system.

What to do? Replace the industrial buns with homemade cakes. Prepare, for example, a triple portion of your favorite homemade cookies and freeze. Pastries are perfectly stored in the freezer for several months without loss of taste. Thus, there is no need to often stand at the stove and buy treats every time in the store.

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