3 useful exercises for children’s eyes that can be done playfully

Exercise at home is a good way to prevent visual impairment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cure the eyes with visual gymnastics alone. But it will definitely help to relieve fatigue and tension of the oculomotor muscles.

The exercises are quite simple, it is recommended to perform them every two hours during study, as well as after a long focus on one point: watching TV for a long time, using a computer and other gadgets, drawing.

And if the child is naughty and refuses to charge, it can always be carried out in a playful manner.

3 exercises that will help maintain eye tone and relieve fatigue
1. Playing with a sticker. Stick any sticker on the window glass so that it is clearly distinguishable against the background of the landscape. The exercise consists in changing the focus. We look at the sticker — at the view outside the window — again at the sticker. You can not just look at the street, but perform the task. For example, count all the red cars in the yard or all the crows on the tree. Do the exercise together — so the child will be more interesting.

2. Draw in the air. Draw tasks on paper in the form of figures with arrows. And then ask the child to draw these figures with his eyes. Let him draw diagonally, depict eights, squares with his eyes — everything that uses the oculomotor muscles well. The second version of the game: the child makes a figure, and then draws it in the air. You also have to guess what exactly he depicted.

3. Who blinks faster. In between exercises, it is recommended to perform frequent blinking, so the muscles around the eyes will also be in good shape, and the child will be distracted a little. You can arrange a competition: mark the time and count who blinks more in 30 seconds.

There are no contraindications to such exercises. They can be performed by those who wear glasses, and those who do not need them. Prevention will benefit everyone.

You can teach children to perform exercises on their own by installing a special program with gymnastics for the eyes on the computer. It is better to perform exercises at a stationary computer, and not in front of the phone: the smaller the screen, the more the eyes strain.

Such gymnastics, if done regularly, although it will not radically correct vision, but it will still improve it a little. To increase visual acuity, we prescribe the necessary correction, and if there are special indications, we prescribe classes in hardware treatment rooms, where special devices are used to treat eye refraction disorders.

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