3 face and body care programs that you just have to go through before the New Year

Make it in a month
You have plenty of time to put yourself in order. But the program is still going to be intense, and daily efforts will be required from you.

Wet environment

The main goal of any transformative program is to debug the water balance. Bet on a moisturizing serum and you won’t regret it. For a month, it should be applied twice a day to cleansed skin in the morning and in the evening 15 minutes before the base cream. Twice a week, be sure to use scrubs, only gentle, with microgranules. The serum and cream will act in full force only when the dead dead cells will not interfere with them.

Miracles happen! Of the means capable of magic, masks will be in the first place. The dose of active substances in them is usually higher than in serums, so they are leading in terms of the intensity of exposure. With the help of masks, you can work with minor flaws and solve global problems. Decide what you need: to narrow the pores, relieve inflammation, moisturize the skin or nourish it. If you are worried about wrinkles, trust the tightening masks with seaweed extracts, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Resort to miracle elixirs immediately after the scrub, that is, also 2 times a week.

Brilliant shape

Do you want to sharpen the silhouette? The most effective are anti-cellulite products with ingredients that can directly affect fat cells. This is primarily caffeine and its derivatives: thein, theophylline, forskolin and floridzine. It is necessary to rub the tightening formulas 2 times a day with intensive massage movements for 10 minutes. The result will be visible in 3 weeks. If you are more concerned about sagging skin, look for toning creams that contain high doses of Centella asiatica, brown algae and zest extract.

Open access

Have you chosen a dress with a stunning neckline? The skin in this area is almost as thin and sensitive as around the eyes, so the products should be very delicate, and the care should be daily. Start doing peels, as always, 2 times a week to remove the keratinized layer and allow the regenerating cream to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and produce its transformative effect there. It is better to use soft facial scrubs with microgranules: hard and rather large abrasive particles are often present in exfoliating body products. And make it a rule twice a day, morning and evening, to apply a base face cream to the neck and decollete area. The bottle, of course, will be used up faster, but you will like the result!

3 face and body care programs that you just have to go through before the New Year

In time for a week
It is necessary to include all the rituals from the monthly beauty schedule in the escort training program, but it is important to make a few corrections.

Without chemistry For the entire period of intensive recovery, give up funds that contain questionable components: they make the skin heavier, which makes the cells renew much more slowly. Now it is better to choose natural formulas with a mild effect.

A well-deserved rest To recover, your skin needs to catch its breath. Give her this opportunity – for all seven days, give up makeup. Decorative cosmetics will not only look bad on tired skin, but will also aggravate the situation, especially if you can not part with bruises and bags under your eyes. Leave only blush in your arsenal: a couple of strokes will be enough to enliven the whole image.

Vitamin E will help to accelerate and strengthen the anti-aging effect of your base cream. It is sold in capsules in ordinary pharmacies, and nothing prevents you from adding it drop by drop to the cream immediately before application.

Double blow

When there is not much time left, choose fabric masks instead of the usual ones. They create an additional warming effect, and it enhances the action of active substances in its composition. And use the secret: apply serum under a fabric mask to triple the transformative effect. During the last week of December, a «double» application is allowed to be made every other day.

Drainage work

Dark circles and swelling will help to level out a special serum or eye patches. In their composition, look for retinol (vitamin A) in one of the first places on the list. Keep the funds for the area around the eyes in the refrigerator: bags and bruises are afraid of low temperatures. As soon as possible, start washing with cool water or remember about ice cubes. After washing, work out the contour of the lower eyelid with the pads of your fingers, making light tapping movements in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the bridge of the nose. This way you can increase blood circulation and create a drainage effect to remove excess fluid.

Make it in an hour

Mirror, tell me! It will take about half an hour to prepare the face for makeup. The scheme is standard: a cleansing tonic, after 10 minutes a serum or an indelible moisturizing mask, after 15 minutes a fluid with an instant transformative effect. Such tools contain a shock portion of reflective microspheres, which create a very attractive visual image. Alternatively, you can look for BB- or CC-cream with the same effect. Optical deception will help mask minor flaws and create a glow effect.

A light tan In the break between tonic and serum, you will have a chance for a radical transformation. It will take only 5 minutes, and the self-tanning will show this trick. Just trust a reputable brand and take a shower and do a peeling before applying.

We tenderness Moisturize the skin as quickly as possible and dry oil will help to achieve velvety tenderness. It will instantly be absorbed, will not leave sticky traces behind and will not prevent you from immediately putting on tights.

Prohibition On hair take 20 minutes. If there is no time to wash your hair, dry shampoo will save you. Do not forget to comb your curls thoroughly only after application.
The wonders of training If the hair is clean, but unkempt, indelible means will help to give them a gloss. The strands will immediately become shiny and smooth to the touch, and styling will require noticeably less nerves. For thin hair, it is better to choose a spray or mousse, for thick and unruly – cream, and for porous and hyper–dry – oil.

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