2-year-old boy can’t hold back tears when older sister plays «Moonlight Sonata»

The parents of two-year-old Josh Noftz have published a very touching and sweet video on the social network, in which their son, listening to music intensely, cannot contain his emotions. This video has become popular.

Josh, along with his dad and mom, came to a piano concert, in which his older sister took part. The girl performed the legendary «Moonlight Sonata» written by Ludwig van Beethoven, which touches the hearts of millions of connoisseurs of musical creativity. Little Josh also appreciated this amazing work.

2-year-old boy can't hold back tears when older sister plays "Moonlight Sonata"

From the first chords, the boy’s face changed. His lips trembled, tears welled up in his eyes. Josh tried his best to restrain himself and even looked around to make sure that no one was seeing him. Rapid changes in the rhythm of the melody changed the mood of the little Noftz. And at the very end, the young listener could no longer restrain himself at all and burst into tears.

His touching reaction to his sister’s game was captured on video by his parents. Later, they posted a video on a social network, adding a caption saying that Josh is really touched by the music.

2-year-old boy can't hold back tears when older sister plays "Moonlight Sonata"

Internet users who viewed the video left a lot of pleasant comments. Many were touched and wrote that the boy has excellent taste and is a true connoisseur of musical creativity. Some recommended giving Josh a musical instrument so that he could express emotions and feelings through music.

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