12 bad morning habits that spoil your life and health

Everyone starts the morning the same way. For someone, the mood for the day creates coffee, for someone – exercise, and for someone – energetic music or watching the news.

But most people have a couple (or even more) morning habits that it’s time to get rid of. They only harm your health — both emotionally and physically.

Switch the alarm clock to a later time
Most sleep experts believe that you should resist the temptation to get some more sleep. The reason for this is quite simple. If you decide to take a nap for another 20 minutes, you can enter a sleep cycle that will most likely not end. And then you will wake up more tired than rested.

Instead, it’s better to go to bed a little earlier to get enough rest — you will get up with ease from the first ring of the alarm clock.

Checking the phone
According to the survey, 63 percent of smartphone users aged 18 to 29 admit that the first thing they do when they open their eyes is look at the phone.

Regardless of whether you check your social media pages, text messages or email, you should refrain from grabbing your mobile phone immediately after you wake up. This can put you in «panic mode» even before your day starts.

There are sweets for breakfast
As soon as you raise your sugar level, you will become irritable and… hungry again. Instead of a cupcake or cookie, eat a fruit or drink a smoothie. Thanks to this, you will satisfy your taste buds, as well as get a portion of vitamins.

12 bad morning habits that spoil your life and health

Drink coffee on an empty stomach
Drinking coffee before 9:30 is not the best idea. Scientists have found that your body naturally produces more of the energy-regulating stress hormone cortisol between 8 and 9 a.m. If you drink coffee before or during this time, it will only make you nervous and confuse the body’s natural cortisol control system, which will later lead to a daytime malfunction.

Studies show that the best time for a daily cup of coffee is after 10 a.m. and before noon.

Curl up
During sleep, your vertebral discs absorb fluid as part of a natural rehydration process. This natural process limits the mobility of the vertebrae. As a result, bending, twisting and bending immediately after waking up is not only difficult, but also potentially dangerous. Better stretch out properly.

Do not drink water
After you have had a good night’s sleep, your body needs hydration. Drinking water not only helps to wake up, but also gives the task to the metabolism to move in the right direction. Besides detoxifying the liver, drinking water in the morning can help with weight loss and strengthen the immune system.

Doctors recommend drinking room temperature water in the morning, because cold water can «shock» your body and interfere with many health benefits. So start your day with a big glass of water.

Leave the bed unmade
Researchers say that forming good habits, including making the bed in the morning, is associated with increased productivity during the rest of the day. In fact, making the bed is a cornerstone habit that can trigger a chain reaction and help other good habits to gain a foothold. At the same time, doctors say that making the bed in the morning is harmful to health. Maybe we should come up with another morning ritual?

Skip morning workout
Morning workouts help speed up your metabolism by burning more calories throughout the day and increasing productivity. You are also more likely to stick to the regime during the day if you have worked out first.

12 bad morning habits that spoil your life and health

Do not open the curtains and do not turn on the bright light
The internal clock of our body is sensitive to light. Twilight can send your body a signal that it’s still night. This will make you feel overwhelmed and relaxed, not cheerful, and really full of energy.

Being in the dark in the morning can even make you depressed. Therefore, if you get up before sunrise, do not forget to turn on the light.

Brushing your teeth after breakfast
It is generally believed that brushing your teeth right after breakfast is the right thing to do. However, in fact, brushing your teeth immediately after eating can damage the enamel, especially if you have consumed foods with high acidity, fruit or coffee.

So brush your teeth after you get up, but before eating. After that, you can brush your teeth with dental floss and rinse your mouth to wash away the remnants of food. If you can’t stop brushing your teeth after breakfast, wait at least 30 minutes after eating.

Take a hot shower
Warmth tells your nervous system that it’s time to relax your muscles and slow down your heart rate. Eventually, you start to feel calm — and you want to sleep again! Take a quick, cool shower instead. This will help the release of the activating hormone adrenaline and lift your mood. Studies show that a cold shower can fill the body with endorphins.

Eat if you are not hungry
It has always been believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for some it is. However, some people prefer not to eat in the morning. And forcing yourself will be more harmful than useful.

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