10 signs that you are aging too fast

The body’s resources begin to gradually deplete after 35 years. How quickly this process will take place depends only on genetics by 20%, but ecology, lifestyle and your psychological attitude play a major role.

Age tummy
Many have noticed that after 40 years it becomes problematic to lose weight. Additional volumes appear in the waist area, and neither diet nor sports help to get rid of them. The reason is a decrease in the body’s ability to burn fat, endocrine disorders and an increase in cortisol levels. In this case, the situation is easier to prevent than to fix — it is important to minimize stressful situations, eat a balanced diet and move enough.

Shallow light sleep, early awakening and inability to fall asleep again, stable insomnia are frequent complaints of elderly people. If such problems arise in those who have not yet turned 60, it is necessary to adjust the daily routine and consult a somnologist. During sleep, the most important regenerative processes take place in the body, which make it possible to prolong youth — cell regeneration, hormone production. Try to have dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime, remove all irritants (computer, cell phones, TV), take a relaxing bath.

Loss of skin elasticity
A decrease in vitamin A levels and disruption of the sebaceous glands lead to the fact that the skin becomes flabby, dry, peeling, pigmentation, pronounced wrinkles appear. Pinch the code on your hand for 5 seconds, release it, and track how long the crease has been smoothed out. If it took more than 15 seconds, but you are less than 60 years old, it is worth reviewing your diet, adjusting your sleep regime, and drinking more fluids.

10 signs that you are aging too fast

A low-activity lifestyle leads to the fact that the muscles weaken, lose elasticity, clamps appear. Blood circulation worsens, joints do not receive sufficient nutrition, which affects motor activity. Do a little warm-up, without bending your knees, try to reach the floor with your hands. If you managed to touch the floor with your palms, this is an excellent result. You’ve only reached your ankles, but are you under 50? It is worth starting to develop flexibility. Yoga, stretching, and aerobic exercises will help in this. But you need to practice regularly, at least 20 minutes a day.

Muscle weakness
With age, muscle tissue is replaced by connective tissue, muscle atrophy begins. The functionality of proteins (the main component of muscle tissue) decreases, which leads to a deterioration of metabolism in muscles. As a result, there is a decrease in the strength of muscle contractions. at first glance, these changes are not noticeable, because they affect to a lesser extent the muscles that we constantly load (for example, legs). To determine the indicators, you need to check the strength of the grip, you can do this at a doctor’s appointment.

Development of hyperopia
It is associated with a decrease in the elasticity of the lens. For the same reason, visual acuity decreases, the perception of colors changes, the field of vision becomes smaller.

Violation of the ovulatory cycle
During menopause, the production of sex hormones (estrogen, androgen, progesterone) decreases. Normally, this process begins after 45 years. But in about 2% of cases it happens earlier. The first sign that you should pay attention to is a violation of the rhythm of menstruation.

Memory problems
Cognitive decline usually occurs after the age of 60. But due to the abundance of stress, lifestyle, bad habits, a decrease in attention, logical thinking and other intellectual functions can be observed earlier. To prevent this process, it is necessary to constantly give the brain work — new impressions, foreign languages, logical tasks, crosswords — all this contributes to the formation of new neural connections.

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Most residents of megacities face this phenomenon. Prolonged fatigue suggests that the body is not able to withstand stress for a long time, that is, it simply does not have time to recover. For comparison, remember your student years, for example, when it was easy to combine study, work and parties. After 30 years, things are much more complicated with this. To prevent chronic fatigue from developing into depression, it is necessary to follow all the same golden rules — quality sleep, proper nutrition, physical activity, new impressions that will allow the brain to switch from one activity to another and relax.

«It was better in our time»
Rejection of the changes that are taking place in the world is also a sign that you are behind the times. This is also due to the peculiarity of the brain — the younger it is, the stronger the desire to learn new things, make discoveries and get to know the world. You can also work with these changes to add novelty to your life. Learn a new hobby, read books, learn new things. Even a banal trip to the store along a new route will allow the brain to adapt better to changes.

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