10 important habits that every father should instill in his son

The famous gymnast and coach Anton and his whole family lead a healthy lifestyle. Together with his wife, the athlete brings up his five-year-old son Lev, who attends gymnastics and hockey training.

«There is a famous expression that is a kind of standard of behavior for every man: «build a house, plant a tree and raise a son.» The father passes these rules of life to his heir. But there are others that I consider important and priority,» says Anton.

1. Don’t be afraid of mistakes
Each of us learns throughout our lives. Mistakes and failures happen, but you need to find the strength and move on to the goal. A man should raise his son morally strong and strong-willed. Disappointments and defeats are not obstacles to self—development. The father shows this by his own example and achievements.

From early childhood, if a baby falls and cries, it is important not to protect him from difficulties and obstacles, but to support, warn and say: «If you fall, get up and move on.» This is the principle of a purposeful person.

2. Be able to stand up for yourself and your family
A man is a defender, and a boy should learn this idea from childhood. A father should instill in his son the habit of standing up for the weak and not giving offense to loved ones. It is not always necessary to enter into a physical struggle for this: sometimes words are enough. It is important that the boy understands this and learns to defend his position.

3. Respect any work
Work requires an investment of effort and time, and it must be respected. No matter what social position the father occupies, he is obliged to instill in his son the belief that any profession or occupation, if they are for the benefit of people, deserves recognition. When the baby becomes an adult, he will not be arrogant towards people and will try to achieve his goals with his own efforts.

4. Look at the world with all its difficulties with a positive
A man as the head of a family is a source of optimism and a positive outlook on life. The father should show by his example that it is necessary to accept the world with all its difficulties and not give up under any circumstances. Optimism helps to cope with any difficulties and achieve goals.

5. More often say the word «love» to the closest ones
It is considered that a man rarely expresses emotions. But it is extremely important for the son to hear: «I love you» not only from mom, but also from dad. It is a recognition that we are connected by the same blood, acceptance and understanding. The kid realizes that a man is not ashamed and even needs to express his feelings to his family and friends.

6. Believe in yourself, rely only on your own strength
If the father sees that his child is doing something carelessly or hopes for the help of others, you need to discuss this situation with him.

A man should not be afraid to set a high bar for his child. It is such fathers that children respect more.

The phrase «Is this really all you can do?» encourages the child to learn new things, go further and overcome their own laziness. This applies to all spheres of life: school, sports, personal life, and further professional activity.

7. Take care of your health
If a person is ill and does not take care of his health, he will not be able to achieve goals and work for the benefit of others. The father’s task is to instill in the boy a love of sports and a healthy lifestyle. You can do this only by example. You can start small: give the child to the sports section, do a run together in the morning, include natural products in the menu. If the family has these rules, the baby will grow strong and healthy.

8. Constantly learning something
Graduation from school or university does not mean that the study stops. All our lives we learn something new, and this is the key to self-improvement. The father is obliged to instill in his son the desire to broaden his horizons, be greedy for knowledge, discover the world, travel and develop as a person.

9. Treat others the way you want to be treated
This rule helps to build harmonious relationships with others. It gives the baby a sense of community with other people, an understanding that his own well-being depends on their well-being.

The father is obliged to inspire that it is necessary to help those in need, respect the elders, but at the same time not to allow their interests to be infringed. It is necessary to teach the boy to accept the personal boundaries of other people and be able to build his own.

10. Understand: only offended people offend others
A person who feels offended seeks to harm others, to avenge failures. Internally, he shifts responsibility for his actions to others. The father is obliged to explain to the child that the abuser reflects his own wounds, but this does not compensate for the pain, does not help to bear failure more easily. A man should teach a boy to react calmly to such situations, but at the same time not allow his dignity and interests to be hurt.

The father is an example for the child. Raising a baby, he passes on his rules and beliefs to him, teaches him how to act in a given situation. This is how the boy’s attitude to the world, to himself, to the people around him is formed. And this position will be the key to his successful and happy adult life.

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